Post Scavenger Hunt Survey

28 04 2008

To all who attended: thanks again for making our hard work worthwhile. We’d love to get your feedback for the organizers who are brave enough to do this again next year.

Here’s the online survey. It will close on May 6.

Videos and Pictures

28 04 2008

I’m updating the Evidence page with pictures and videos as they come pouring in. Let me know if you have any additions!

The Winners!

27 04 2008

Congrats to the winning teams, and thanks to everyone who played. The results are in:

Team Placement
First place won the cash grand prize. All of the other six teams won a prize from our fabulous sponsors!

  • First Place: Team City Search
  • Second Place: The Natural Disasters
  • Third Place: Straight Shooters
  • Fourth place: Holy Shits
  • Fifth place: Assssshhhhhhhooooooo
  • Sixth place: Pho Heaven’s Sake
  • Seventh place: BRB AFK

Certificate Awards:
These are the team certificate awards that were handed out at Double Dutch.

  • Best Costumes: Straight Shooters
  • Person Who Acquired The Most Frequent Flyer Miles: Becki W. (all the way from Boston!)
  • Best Team Name: The Stumbly Wumblies
  • Most Likely to Piss Off Nish: Team City Search
  • Least Likely to Hit Their Target: Straight Shooters
  • Least Likely to Get Support from FEMA: The Natural Disasters
  • Most Likely to Need Clean Underwear: The Holy Shits
  • Most Likely to Move Slowly, Slowly: Team Wikiwiki
  • Most Likely to Think They’ll Win Pho Shizzle: Pho Heaven’s Sake
  • Least Likely To Have Good Parenting Skills: “Aaahhhhssshhhhoooooo”
  • Most Likely to Fail Their Aptitude Test: The Urban Achievers
  • Most Likely to Get Distracted: Fughet About It
  • Most Likely to Show Up 3 Days Late to the Scavenger Hunt: The Tuesdays
  • Most Likely to Be a Robot Bunny From the Past Seeking Dirty DNA: First Mimsy
  • Most Likely to Get Deported: Jewhad

Important Team Info Now Available

19 04 2008

Hey teams –

As promised, we have released some very important pre-event information for the teams. Check out the logistics page for full details!

Fantastic Prizes!!!

17 04 2008

Hey teams – We have some exciting news about this year’s prizes. They are really great, thanks to our terrific sponsors. Many of the teams will win a prize thanks to their generosity. Check it:

Team Prizes

  • Cash grand prize!
  • Cover for 8, table service & a bottle of champagne at Mr. Smith’s
  • Table for 5 at Wish + 10 drink tickets
  • 4 guest list slots to a show of your choice at Mighty + 2 drink tickets per person
  • $125 in Sports Basement gift certificates
  • $100 in gift certificates for restaurants at Kimpton Hotels
  • 5 potted orchid plants from Plant It Earth

Raffle Prizes

  • Two Hornblower cruise tickets for any Brunch, Lunch or Dinner Cruise (except holiday cruises). Value – Over $250
  • 10 Admission tickets to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SF MOMA)
  • $25 Polly Ann Ice Cream gift certificate
  • $25 Farmstead Cheeses and Wines gift certificate
    • Everybody Wins!

      • 20% off coupon for Sports Basement – 1 per participant
      • Trummer Pils donated a keg of beer for the party at Double Dutch

Registration Deadline has Passed

13 04 2008

The April 12 deadline for payment and registration is now past. We are no longer accepting new teams.

To the registered teams: thanks for your participation, and we’ll see you on April 26. More details to follow. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Err… What I meant to say is… you made a very wise choice.

Important Team Info TBA on April 19

8 04 2008

Attention teams,
The team captains will receive notification of some crucial information on April 19. The information will be posted on the blog. Team captains are responsible for letting the team members know to read the blog.

The info you should expect to receive on April 19 includes:

  • Starting location of the scavenger hunt
  • Things your team needs to bring to the hunt
  • Official rules
  • Liability waiver (to be signed the day of the event)

Anything else will be told on a need to know basis. And unless you’re on the planning committee you definitely do not need to know before the event. :-)


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